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Who we are and what we can do for You!


Grote & Associates, Inc. is a consulting firm specializing in state government relations with legislative, executive and judicial officials. We also work in political and non-profit fundraising including grant writing and special event planning; grassroots advocacy; and in state and federal campaign or political action committee compliance.  With 24 years of combined experience, Grote & Associates has the expereince and skills to help you achive your goals.  


Grote & Associates works with clients to identify issues that need legislative or executive attention to promote the accomplishment of their goals. Then, Grote & Associates creates a strategic plan to educate decision makers so they may make an informed decision that positively impacts legislation or executive policies affecting our clients. Grote & Associates has a diverse background with expertise in governmental relations, political analysis, statewide issue campaigns, and budget issues. This gives us the ability to provide comprehensive resources to our clients.

Grote & Associates develops and executes specific fundraising campaigns to help clients reach their financial goals. This includes grant proposals, executing special events, development of corporate sponsorships, scholarships, corporate and foundation fundraising, capital campaigns and community campaigns. Grote & Associates develops plans to assist your organization and its leadership to accomplish its fundraising goals.

Grote & Associates has the experience to develop a targeted state-wide campaign to increase public awareness with both traditional media and internet-based technology to achieve broad based support of our clients’ issues.

Grote & Associates manages state and federal candidate, political action and continuing committees providing reporting services as well as necessary compliance to guide your organization through ever changing state and federal regulations. Additionally, Grote & Associates can provides comptroller services to make sure that your campaign or political committee funds are managed efficiently. 

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