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Government Relations

Grote & Associates works with clients to identify issues that need legislative or executive attention to promote the accomplishment of their goals.  Grote & Associates then creates a strategic solution to educate decision makers so that they may make an informed decision that has a positive impact on legislation or executive policies affecting our clients.  Additionally, Grote & Associates works with members of both political parties to both protect the interest of and secure new opportunities for our clients. 

Grote & Associates has been involved in numerous legislative efforts working as part of a coalition as well as targeting specific issues for individual clients.  The members of Grote & Associates through numerous projects and experiences have developed the relationships necessary to be successful for our clients.   Grote & Associates has a diverse background with expertise in government relations, political analysis, and state budget issues.  This gives us the ability to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients. 

Grote & Associates is uniquely positioned to provide you with a comprehensive team and solutions to manage your government relations effort and achieve your goals.  

Services and Solutions

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