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                                                                                              Non-Profit Organizations


Grote & Associates works with your nonprofit organization to strengthen revenue strategies, develop innovative partnerships, and grow to meet changing needs.  Grote & Associates specializes in executing effective solutions for you based upon an understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities; the expectations of donors, consumer and stakeholders; and the dynamics of the marketplace.  Our strategic approach is guided by the principle that success is realized when your goals and our strategies are partnered.  Grote & Associates can work with your nonprofit to develop capital campaigns, endowment campaigns, annual giving programs, major gift programs, and partner and membership development.  

Grant Writing

A part of any strategic development effort is successfully recognizing grant opportunities and presenting submissions that provide the best opportunity to receive funding.  Grote & Associaties has the experience to give you the competitive advantage to be successful in receiveing funding for your organization and activities.  

Political Campaigns


One core strength of Grote & Associates is our ability to provide connections and relationships to ensure your effort can secure the necessary funds to be successful.  Campaigns and programs associated with them continue to increase in cost. Grote & Associates is one of the leading fundraising and development firms in the state with experience and relationships throughout the country.  Grote & Associates will work with you to develop a fundraising plan that incorporates different methods to reach the campaign’s financial needs. Grote & Associates can also work with our network of fundraising firms in major states to assist in the development of national funds to assist in your effort.  With a long history of fundraising and development success, Grote & Associates can implement a number of strategies that include modern and traditional fundraising practices to assist your campaign.

Grote & Associates develops and executes specific fundraising campaigns to help you and your organization reach your financial goals.  This may include the pursuit of grants, special events, sponsorships, scholarships, individual, corporate and foundation fundraising, capital campaigns, or community campaigns.  Grote & Associates brings a relationship-based method to fundraising that is donor friendly and takes a long-term perspective with clients and prospective donors alike. This provides your organization with long term-relationships that allow you to have long term success!

Fundraising Solutions

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